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Social proof is absolutely essential to viral marketing. At Appletree Design Studio, are well aware of the positive impact that a strong social media presence can have on your business. Investing into your social media presence will elevate your brand to new heights. You will effortlessly be able to build connections, generate attention and increase the social proof of your brand.

What We Can Do For You

Social media is the future of communication and media. Gone are the days where newspaper ads and billboards were the most effective methods of advertising. Nowadays, you can reach millions of customers at a fraction of the price of what a billboard would have cost back in the day.

At Appletree Design Studio, it is our mission to empower businesses across the world through the power of social media marketing. We believe that any business can reach its full potential once it harnesses the power of this revolutionary form of media.

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We will create a custom SEO strategy based on your budget.
Starter Plan
  • ✓ Automated Posting
  • ✓ Facebook Page
  • ✓ Instagram
  • ✓ Twitter
  • ✓ Likes & Followers
  • ✓ 24/7 Service
  • ✓ Photo/Video Content Must Be Provided
  • We remotely automate your social media presence.
Enterprise Plan
  • ✓ Everything Included In Pro Plan
  • ✓ Daily Automated Posting
  • ✓ Bi-Weekly Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • ✓ Content Creation
  • ✓ LinkedIn Blog Posts
  • ✓ Medium Blog Posts
  • ✓ Consulting
  • We fully handle all social media aspects of your business in order to maximize results.